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Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Photography


Why do I need to hire a professional wedding photographer?

A good professional wedding photographer has a combination of extensive experience, updated equipment, and artistic ability. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event involving countless special moments that cannot be recreated. An experienced photographer will know how to be in the right place at the right time, how to effectively shoot images in varying light conditions, and most importantly will be able to anticipate those special moments and capture them in an artistic fashion.

In this age of digital cameras, we see amateurs venturing into wedding photography often. A hobbyist won’t have nearly the same caliber of equipment to capture images, especially in a dimly lit church or reception venue. The resulting photos will be poorly lit and unflattering (if they are even captured at all!). An amateur won’t usually have backup cameras or photographers in case something goes wrong. Also, an inexperienced photographer won’t have the skills to nicely pose people and to compose pictures in an artistic way. Just because someone can take a closeup photo of a flower doesn’t mean they are ready to be trusted to photograph a wedding. Novices also won’t be fully insured in case something goes wrong.

Why does a wedding photographer cost so much? 

First, we use only the highest quality cameras and lenses. Our equipment is updated each year so we are using the best of today’s technology for our work. We have a wide range of lenses to fit different shooting conditions. To give you an idea, we bring well over $15,000 in camera equipment to weddings. Our photo files are protected and backed up offsite. Finally, photos are processed in professional labs, giving your images the best treatment possible.


When should I book a wedding photographer?

Most of our clients book *at least* a year in advance to help ensure that we have the date available. Also, by booking early you lock in the current year’s prices which may save you money. It is not unusual for us to book weddings two years in advance. We are occasionally able to accommodate weddings with less notice so feel free to contact us once you secure your wedding date.


What is included in packages?

Every Bunnell Photography package includes full resolution digital negatives on flash drive and 4×6 inch proofs in an album. Both the flash drive and proofs are the property of the client and do not need to be returned. Proof photos are not stamped with a copyright or otherwise marred so they serve as a beautiful record of your wedding. Packages vary in bridal album styles, parent albums, and additional options. We would be happy to explain the different packages to you.

Can we customize packages?

Absolutely! We do not want to “lock you in” to a higher package that includes options you do not desire. We are able to customize our packages to fit exactly what you want to include.


Do you release the copyrights/let us print our own photos?

Yes! All our portrait and wedding packages include your full resolution photos on a sleek flash drive. There are no hidden stipulations; the flash drive allows you to print your own photos at a lab of your choice. We do encourage you to choose a professional digital photo lab (and can recommend some for you) but you are free to have your photos processed anywhere you like.

Be careful to ensure your wedding photographer will give you full resolution files that do not have a copyright and that they will release the images soon after the wedding.


Who will be the photographer at my wedding?

All weddings (unless otherwise contracted) are photographed by Kathryn Bunnell. All packages except the Budget package include Kathy plus a 2nd photographer. We utilize a handpicked group of photographers as our 2nd shooters.


Do I need a 2nd photographer?

We highly recommend using a 2nd photographer for weddings over 50 people. Weddings involve a lot of special moments happening in a short amount of time so it is beneficial to have extra coverage. In our experience, two photographers will give you multiple angles during the ceremony, additional use of special lenses, cocktail hour photos while posed photos are being taken, and an additional set of eyes to capture candid photos.

All of our packages except the Budget package include two photographers.


Who are the 2nd photographers?

We employ a talented group of artistic, personable photographers. You can meet them in the “About Us” section of this website. Unlike many studios, we *do not* train photographers nor do we use students at weddings.  Our team is a close-knit bunch of trained photographers who have been working together for years.


What is your photography style?

We find it difficult to describe our style using one of the common buzzwords popular in today’s wedding photography. We like to call our style a narrative hybrid type of wedding coverage. That means we shoot mostly candids to capture moments and emotions naturally and artistically. We do pose family, bridal party, and bride and groom shots but we try to keep those photos as natural as possible. Our proof albums include a good amount of photojournalistic, artistic, and non-traditional images while still including some timeless traditional images.

The best way to see our style is to come to look at our albums and see for yourself!


Are you obtrusive during the ceremony or reception?

Absolutely not. We find that our client’s favorite images are often the ones they didn’t see us taking. We try to keep to the sides or back of the ceremony so as not to be distracting to you or your guests. We have long zoom lenses to get us up close to the action without being in the middle of your event.

We are very fast and efficient in organizing your posed family photos. We shoot our posed pictures as naturally as possible by keeping the time relaxed and fun.  This helps bring out real smiles instead of artificially posed ones.

During the reception you should barely notice us working. We never interrupt your formal dances, bug guests for posed pictures (unless you request something specific), or pass around business cards.


What is your wedding payment plan?

The exact payments depend on the package selected, but the initial deposit is approx. 30% of the contract price. Additional payments are scheduled 6 months before the wedding, 1 month before the wedding, and the final payment when the photos are received.


Do you have backup photographers?

We do have our own talented group of backup photographers to assist regularly at weddings. Our “newest” assistant has been shooting with us for three years. In the event of an emergency or severe illness, you would receive one of our own photographers who can jump right in to fill the missing role. Our backup photographer system has only needed to be used twice in over 500 weddings but it is essential that we have the built-in coverage just in case.


Do you have backup equipment?

Our equipment is regularly updated and professionally maintained. Rarely do we encounter a problem but we do have a full set of backup equipment and lenses onsite at all weddings. In addition, we shoot crucial moments while carrying a 2nd backup camera in case, for example, one camera stops working during the ceremony processional.


Have you worked at my venue before?

Most likely yes. We have been photographing hundreds of weddings in the area since 2002. Ask and we may be able to show you sample images from your venue.


What do you wear to weddings?

We dress professionally and conservatively at all weddings.


Do you offer a winter wedding discount/weekday wedding discount?

We do offer a 20% discount for weddings between Thanksgiving and mid-April. The same discount applies for weddings that take place Monday-Thursday (except holidays).


Do you shoot other types of events, portraits, or commercial photography?

Yes, we have experience in shooting a variety of subjects. We would be happy to offer more information on request.